Greetings, fellow marketer

As you know, the Internet provides bountiful opportunities to find and
learn from thousands of eCourses, many of them free, or at least easily

When you do find an eCourse that satisfies your thirst for information on
a topic of interest, like increasing traffic, you can pay for a subscription or
often subscribe just by providing your first name and email address and...

... receive a series of lessons delivered via your email at a schedule set
by the course author - from daily to sometimes weekly mailings.

This is a great convenience because it allows you to schedule your learning
and studying time in advance.

                 However, there's a flip side to this -

There is always the possibility of missing an important lesson or two from
 the series for a variety of reasons -

Your eMail service suddenly decides that the emailed lesson is spam
    and does not deliver it to you

or diverts it to your SPAM folder

You get busy in other important phases of your life and forget to
     open a lesson when it arrives

You accidentally delete one of your emailed lessons before opening it

You lose interest if a course has many lessons delivered too many
     days apart

Think about it - you really need to be dedicated to learning from your
ecourse, especially when there are a dozen or more lessons involved and
they arrive every 3 , 4, or 5 days apart - or even weekly.

It could take months to reap the full benefits of those more robust courses.

      As an eCourse publisher, I don't want you to miss
      even one single lesson in the courses I provide,
       and I certainly don't want you to lose interest.

Here's what I've done to overcome those problems -

The 20 lessons in my "20 Days to More Traffic" eCourse, for example,
have been consolidated into a Total Lesson Manual and published as a
PDF file with active resource links, plus more related and bonus material
not easily included in the periodic lesson mailings.

So, instead of waiting 4 or 5 weeks to complete the full course material,
it's now available as a single download that you can either read on your
monitor or print and read at your absolute convenience - in your study,
office, den, or even as a bedside table eBook.

Call it what you prefer - study manual, Total Lesson Manual, total course
manual, itís a robust number of lessons, consolidated into a 24 page
learning tool where each course segment has one easily studied
valuable key idea

Sure, it required a lot of time to research and prepare this Total Lesson
, but that doesn't mean it's being offered at those typical eCourse
prices of $97, $47, or even $27.

No - the 24 page Full eCourse Total Lesson Manual in PDF downloadable
format can be yours now for only $12.95.


And that's Instant availability for 20 powerful lessons that cover proven
traffic generation techniques from Search Engine Optimization, through
eMail marketing, Social Networking, Article submission, Pay per Click
promoting, and of course, much, much more -

     - plus a few surprise bonuses not included in the
     stretched out
daily mailing eCourse lesson series.

Even if you have already subscribed to my "20 Days to More Traffic"
ecourse and are part way through the lessons, this Total Course manual

provides you the opportunity to jump ahead to an earlier completion

save the complete course material in a convenient package

have a hard copy resource that your can refer to time and time again.

If increasing traffic to your website, blog, or newsletters is your goal, this
Total Lesson Manual can be your All-In-One resource and stepping stone
to more quickly meeting that goal.


Get your "20 Days to More Traffic" complete
Total Lesson Manual

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!00 % Guarantee that your Total Lesson Manual will
give you the tools to increase the traffic to your
website, blog, or web product, or your money back!

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As many of you know (especially those of you who have subscribed to
my eCourses and regularly check out my eCourse Directory), I like to give
away a lot of my courses and reports for free. But Iím really putting a lot of
time and thought these days into packaging up some of the best stuff into
more convenient and more easily usable packages.

This is the first in what will be a series of Total Course manuals for my
more extensive eLearning courses.
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