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                 Three Useful
        Web-Marketing Tips

            Three Useful Web-Marketing Tips

 1.  If you have a website, see tip one.
If you have a newsletter, see tip two, too,
If you have both, see tips one, two and three!

                            Tip One: Faster Loading,

No, Really! I learned that to make your webpage layout look good you needed to use "nested tables". This simply means to put all your tables into one big table which equals the width of the screen.

I have since learnt that if you do this the webpage will not load until all of the page has been loaded. Even if you have a fast loading page people will quickly get bored looking at a blank screen, even if it's for just ten seconds.

I decided that, to give them something to read whilst the rest of the page was loading, I would put a table on its own at the top of the page with a description of the site.


It loads instantly and when your visitors are done reading it, you've convinced then that they've reached a useful website, and the rest of the page is there to look at!

For a working example, see the ScamFreeZone homepage. Let me know if you think this works!

You can check this at the ScamFree homepage

                         Tip Two: More Subscribers!

Lately, twice as many people have been signing up for the newsletter than usual. This is not because I've doubled traffic to the site (I wish)! It's because I've included a little javascript 'popup' window with subscribing instructions on the ScamFreeZone frontpage.

Many people hate popup windows, so if you use this tip, be selective how often you use it. I chose only to use it on one page.

Take a look at the popup window:


To add one to your page, you simply need to add the following code to your page between the <HEAD> and </HEAD> tags:

function popup(Site)
window.open(Site, '', 'toolbar=no,statusbar=no,location=no,


Within the <BODY> tag:

Where "popup.html" is a simple webpage that you want displayed within
the popup window.

That's it! Simple. If you have problems, check out the source for the SDcamFreeZone frontpage and go from there.

                              Tip Three: Links to You?

This is a great tool I found a few weeks ago! Search Engines use the number of links to your site when they determine how high to rank it (other criteria count too). For this reason, it's important to know how many links there are to your website within the Search Engine's database.

A website which let's you find out how many links there are to your site in the databases of Infoseek, AltaVista and Hotbot is: LinkPopularity

http://www.linkpopularity.com/ (Click to try it, you'll be returned here)

If you like this article, or the ScamFreeZone website, Why not link to us? I'd get a big kick out of seeing my "link popularity" rise!

If you have a competitor in cyberspace, and who doesn't, why not put their website through the linkpopularity test and see how popular they are? You could even visit the sites that link to your competitor and see if they would like to exchange links with you!
This article was written by Neil Shearing. You can subscribe to his weekly eZine by  clicking here to send  a blank email to mailto:scamfree_newsletter-subscribe@listbot.com


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