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As an Information Publisher
and marketer my websites and blogs are loaded with information on a broad range of resources reflecting more than a dozen years of curiosity, personal interest and research. 

  Research on topics like health and fitness, fun activities for families, gardening and landscaping, do it yourself projects, kids and family safety on the internet, Internet Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and, really, a whole lot more. 

  My eCourse library, for example, is loaded with dozens of multi lesson courses on these and other topics many of them available for FREE to everyone visiting the eCourse Directories.

  There are literally hundreds of mini-sites in my Web Domains where site visitors can download available eBooks, reports, products, software, and register for newsletters and updates as I publish new information.

  My passion since I went online in the late 1990s has been to share the information resulting from my curiosity and all of this research.

  I started my career as Chief Engineer of a small machinery manufacturer building equipment primarily for the food industry.

  Before retiring this last time, I spent nearly 30 years as a Process Control System Design Engineer (BsME) and Manager for a Major international company; traveling through out the USA and parts of Europe, was a Partner and General Manager of a Full service Truck Stop with a Restaurant & tavern, Motel, Truckers Store, and Fueling facilities; owned and operated a group of community centered Coin-operated Laundromats and spent a dozen or so years working in a local Print Shop as a Graphic Designer for print media and as a Webmaster building sites for local clients.

  The truckstop people and the Over-the-Road Warriors who were our
customers and friends are often independent business people who run their rigs as well as their businesses on the road - and they are truly mobile.

  Essentially, truckstops are communities.

  They are the Away-From-Home homes for the thousands of truck drivers who wheel those 18 wheelers around our Interstate highways. In addition to fuel, we provided safe places to sleep, shower facilities, good food, retail stores with thousands of items including clothes, boots, essential truck parts, electronics, personal items. and on and on.

  While resting, we had game rooms, laundry facilities, picnic areas,
communication services, and secure parking for the drivers. And to provide these services, truckstops employ hundreds of people dedicated to making the men and women driver's home-away-from-home safe, comfortable and a friendly place where they can stop in on their next trip thru.

  My independent Laundromats were another community experience with places for children to entertain themselves while parents were busy. Christmas holidays were dedicated to the kids with gifts, candies, and games. Again, our customers were our friends and to recognize their loyalty, we provided incentives like free washes and free drying coupons.

  Both the truckstop and laundromats were 7 day a week facilities with the truckstop open 24 hours a day for the drivers. Customers were our first priority and I made hundreds of friends.

  I invite you to visit my main site at RichardPresents.com. I'm sure you'll find information there that will make your time browsing the World Wide Web much more worthwhile, safer, and even more fun.

Richard Rossbauer

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