Ad Tracking Super Tips
Written by Harvey Segal
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Many online businesses are unaware of the need to track their Ad Campaigns and the power of Ad Tracking tools. Yet, every Internet Marketing Expert will tell you the very same secret to their success
             ● they constantly track and test their advertising results

If you spend money on advertising and don't track the results, you are simply throwing your money away.

When you use an Ad Tracker you can identify exactly where the hits to your website are coming from, so that
             ● you can eliminate all advertising that isn't working
             ● and run more of the types of ads that are making you money

Ad Tracking Super Tips, a FREE ebook is the definitive guide to choosing, using and profiting from ad trackers


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Here's the Table of Contents




Chapter 1


Chapter 2

Why You Need An Ad Tracker

Chapter 3

How An Ad Tracker Works

Chapter 4

Which Ad Tracker For You ?

Chapter 5

23 Super Ways To Use An Ad Tracker

Chapter 6

Testing With An Ad Tracker

Chapter 7

Ad Tracker Reviews

Appendix 1

How To Make Money With This Book

Appendix 2


Appendix 3

About this Book


How can you benefit from this FREE eBook?

 Learn why you need an ad tracker

Learn 23 super ways to use an ad tracker

Learn how to run a test and why split run testing
is the ideal method

Learn which Ad Tracker product is the best for your website

Learn the one essential secret to scientific testing

Learn 3 ways that  you can make money with this book
you can customize the book
       2. and have your own affiliate links
3. even insert your own Sponsored page

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Here are just three examples of what an ad tracker can do

1. Identify the precise point at which visitors to your site lose interest
2. Tell you which search engine keywords are bringing you the most sales
3. Stop your affiliate codes from being removed and your commissions from being lost or stolen.

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