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Developing An Economical Mobile Marketing Campaign for Your Small Business
- 10 Lesson Course. A How-To study on properly Engaging with the hundreds of local shoppers who use their Smart Phones and Tablets to find local Restaurants, look for Coupon Promotions, to locate Churches, Clothing Stores, Professional Offices, Repair Shops, and just about every Retail business in their communities, possibly including yours. ($14.95 Value - FREE)  Tag #Mobile_Marketing_Campaign, #SMB
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 SOLO AD MAILING  Complete eCourse Manual ● Learn how Solo Ad mailings help increase traffic ● How to Find Solo Mailing Providers ● Review the Pros & Cons of Solo Mailings ● How to Send a Successful Solo Ad mailing ● Use 5 important Tips to Improve your Solo Mailing Traffic Results ● and get your Solo Ad Mailing Campaign started right.  Tag #Solo_Ads
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Building Trust with your Online Visitors - 5 Lessons -
In today's crowded marketplace it is more important than ever to focus your attention on building long-term connections with your customers and clients. While making quick sales is always a nice boost to your bank account the key to long-term success is repeat business.
($12.95 value - FREE) Tag  #trust
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Bring Multi Media Into Your Business - 5 Part course -
Adding Multimedia to Your Website is Easy When You Know How.  FREE eCourse Teaches Simple Techniques to Increase Leads and Sales.  ($12.95 value - FREE
Tag #multimedia,

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Changing Careers eCourse -Many people don’t like their jobs – it is part of being in the working world. Even people who claim to love their jobs still have days when the thought of going to work can be just too much to bear. However, the truth is that you just may be on the wrong career path if your level of job satisfaction is less than what it should be.
This guide is in  7 Parts
($12.95 value - FREE)   Tag #careers
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QR Codes - 5 lesson eCourse
What they are, how to use them for your business, to attract people to you store, your websites, in your personal branding and a lot more - and how to create your own QR Code - FREE ($12.95 value - FREE)
Now with Bonus Report "Marketing with Mobile Coupons"
               Tag #QR course, #Mobile_Marketing, #Mobile_Coupons
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ichard Rossbauer

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Internet marketing and outsourcing work very well together. In fact most Internet marketers employ at least some degree of outsourcing. The most common aspects of Internet marketing which are outsourced are copywriting and website design. This "Understanding Outsourcing" eCourse covers what you need to know to use Sub Contractors, Virtual Assistants and Outsourcing effectively and safely 5 FREE LESSONS ($12.95 value - FREE)   Tag #outsourcing
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Affiliates Masters Course -
This complete, 10-day course focuses 100% on helping you, the affiliate, succeed. It pulls no punches, it holds nothing back. It leads you step by step, day by day through a flawless process.
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Business Etiquette Review - 5 Day Course
,  Review how to be more successful in situations involving your daily interpersonal contacts as well as working with business clients, leading to more success in your career.
($12.95 value -FREE)           Tag #etiquette
Send Lessons Information writing mentorArticle Writing eCourse - Writing Captivating Articles - Writing Informative or Entertaining Articles is a proven step in building your personal brand to develop your business. Add these 5 basic tips to your own library of writing tools; they’ll help you ”Write Articles that Captivate Your Readers”
($12.95 value - FREE) Tag #ArticleWriting
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  << Mobile Computing - 5 part eCourse - (CLICK IMAGE for Video) 
If you are hesitating about taking your business to the next level - mobile computing - the answers you are looking for are reviewed in this free ecourse. Includes benefits, possible disadvantages, competition and more ($12.95 value - FREE)  Tag #mobile
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Building Safe onLine BusinessRunning a Safe Online Business - There are risks associated with running an online business - almost universal for anyone starting or running their own. If you aren't protecting yourself you could lose everything! Even more important considering the revised FTC guidelines. This powerful 7 Lesson Crash Course is loaded with 'must know' stuff to help protect your business investment. ($12.95 value - FREE)
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