The Key to Conversion

Written by Paul Myers
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The Key to Conversion

How One Publisher Increased His Subscriber Rate
 by 1500% - Literally Overnight!
By Paul Myers
Copyright 2003, TalkBiz, Inc  

        ● Scott Stratten, of, had a common problem -- with an unusual twist. Over a period of 2 years, Scott had built the subscriber base of his newsletter to about 4300 people. He suddenly found he had a lot of traffic coming to his site, but he was getting virtually no new subscribers from it.

That's the common part. The uncommon part is that this traffic was viral, and growing. Scott had taken a motivational piece that's been passed around the net as text in emails for years and turned it into a Hallmark-quality Flash movie.

You can see it at,CaseStudy1

He told his subscribers about it and the thing took off. He got 10,456 visitors in about 3 weeks.

Problem: Only about 100 (less than 1%) subscribed to his newsletter........ Ooops.

Here's the Table of Contents



A Call for Help and the Results

Part 1


Dude! It's the Experience

So, How's that Help  Me?

Part 2

Viral Considerations

Missing Numbers

Watch What You Create

Start Spreading the News

What Worked

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