M&M Christmas Tree Ornaments

         Material Required
                Plastic wrap
                Pkg.'s M&M's
                Pipe Cleaners

Cut plastic wrap into 6-inch squares. Put some M&Ms in the center of a square. Gather corners and twist tightly. Secure with pipe cleaner.

(Eat 1 M&M)

Cluster individual balls into one large one, connecting each ball with the adjoining pipe cleaner. Tie "curling" ribbon around the cluster to form a loop at the tops.

(Eat another M&M)

Tie two 10-inch strands of ribbon at the bottom and curl.

Hang on the tree with the loop ends.
                                    Same ingredients as ornament
                                   - but also a wire coat hanger

Make cluster balls the same way as the candy tree ornament clusters, using plain or peanut M&M's.

(Eat 1 M&M)

Form a circle from a wire coat hanger, the hook forms the hanging loop. Attach cluster balls to the hanger with pipe cleaners.

                                (Eat all remaining M&Ms)

                 Tie a large bow at the top of the wreath.
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