Most Popular Christmas Toys this Year

                                                            My Pillow Pets

Cuddly and cute as they can be, Pillow Pets will hug its way into your hearts this Christmas!

At first glance, they just look like ordinary stuffed animals. But, lo and behold, with a pop, they turn into a full size pillow, perfect for sleeping and nap time anywhere and any time.

A perfect companion for your child during road trips, camping, or just simply a huggable playmate at home, Pillow Pets, add true function to that warm and wonderful feeling by combining the comfort and security of a stuffed animal toy with the functionality and usefulness of a pillow.

Made of high quality, super soft chenille, they are extremely versatile and uniquely designed for comfort and durability. Close the strap across their bellies and you have a cute and huggable pet. Open the strap and your pet becomes a comfortable pillow! Itís like a 2 in 1 toy and sleeping companion.

There are different Pillow pets to choose from:
My Pillow Pets Triceratops
For kids who loves dinosaurs, this the perfect Pillow Pet. It is unique and fun to play with, and very comfortable to sleep with.

My Pillow Pets T-Rex
Another addition to the dinosaurs Pillow pets collection is kids favorite big dino, T-Rex. Itís as large and secured as the real one, yet lovable and adorable as any pet can be.

My Pillow Pets Pterodactyl
For those kids who adore flying dinosaurs, then this Pillow pet is for you. Hug, sleep, and fly with Pterodactyl pillow Pet. Its an experience you just canít do without.

Squeaky Dolphin Pillow Pets
The Squeaky Dolphin Pillow Pet is one of the most popular Pillow Pets. Of course, who can resist the cutest swimming animal of all times! These cuddly little dolphins comes in blue complete with fins, and super soft for comfort.

Lady Bug Pillow Pets
Lady Bug My Pillow Pets is certainly one of the favorites in the market. Who can resist their heart-stopping smile and huggable body? Designed to look exactly like a lady bug, but made exactly like a warm and cuddly toy.

My Pillow Pets: Magical Unicorn
As magical as the real thing, Unicorn pillow Pets is definite hit with little girls who thinks itís the most amazing magical creature who ever live. Plus, its so cute and huggable.
Cozy Cow Pillow Pets
Well, hands down, cows are just so soft and cuddly. So are pillow Pets cow. They are perfect to snuggle with and give you a warm fuzzy feeling, which will certainly make you sigh.

These are just a few of the Pillow Pet animals you can choose from. There are alligators, lambs, penguins, moose, horse, koala, lion, and panda. Thatís not all, there are other products you can choose from as well. Your pillow pets can turn into bags, blankets, and even slippers. Isnít that great?

For kids and adults alike, nobody can resist Pillow Pets. Itís the best gift that you can give to show how much you love your kids, wife, and friends.                                                        

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