Most Popular Christmas Toys this Year

                                                                        XBOX Kinect

The coolest way to spend Christmas this year is to get the latest from Microsoft’s Xbox 360, the Xbox Kinect!
The Xbox Kinect brings to life the playing of games and entertainment without the use of controllers. With just a wave of your hand and the sound of your voice, you can control music, videos, and games in an extraordinary way.

Experience your favorite games first hand by joining in actively. Kick a ball, swing a bat, and shoot a gun right in your own living room. You can even enjoy HD movies, music and sports through Xbox LIVE without any extra accessories. With a wave of your hand or the sound of your voice, you can enjoy 3,500 games on ESPN, HD movies through Zune, streaming music from

Xbox Kinect has something for everyone. Whether you’re into games or not, you can enjoy every minute of it. The best thing of all, it is safe and secure with advanced parental controls, which allows you to choose and screen your child’s Xbox activities.

With a wave, you can activate the sensor and have access to all your favorite games. You can jump in and out in different games, while showing your moves and tactics straight off the couch.
By saying “Xbox”, your voice will reveal different commands, which can control movies and music without the use of a remote control.

Other great features include:

With Xbox Kinect, you can get to chat in real time or in video chat mode with your friends other players in a seamless manner.

It is easy to set up Xbox Kinect and it would be packaged with a standard USB connector.

Xbox Kinect is pretty affordable and it is speculated that the masterpiece from Microsoft would be available in the range of $150-$300.

It can keep the player at the epicenter of events and game moves. The motorized camera moves as per the motion of the player.

Xbox Kinect is compatible with all versions if Xbox 360

The controls and the options on Xbox Kinect are easy to use and maneuver. One can easily get comfortable with their Xbox Kinect in just about no time at all.

Xbox Kinect games utilize the revolutionary technology to replicate human actions on-screen. Its sensors are fine and very sensitive, enabling them to record the slightest of the movements on the go. This makes it a must buy gaming product.

What more can you ask for? Bring the level of fun and enjoyment to the maximum level with Xbox Kinect. It will open your world of games and entertainment that can only be considered as “magic”.

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