Most Popular Christmas Toys this Year

                                          Spy Net Video Watch

Itís not an ordinary watch. Itís a spy watch! James Bond will certainly eat his heart with this cool gadget.
Amaze your little boys and girls with the latest spy watch technology in the market today. Equipped with spy cam, voice recorder, and lie detector. No criminal or terrorist can escape your clutches with this watch on your wrist.

The features will shock your shoes off with its versatility. The best thing of all, they all work! Authentic to its function! This little gadget of magic can:

Take photos, both in real time or you can use the time elapse feature. It can capture and store more than a thousand photos!

It has a lie detector built in, we used this feature right away and it was really fun

It is a video camera and you can take video or record voice without anyone knowing it
It has a big screen, easy to see and easy to operate

It tells time in many different time zones

It can be connected to your computer by USB and you can download missions

It has a built in voice changer that is a lot of fun to use. You can adjust an individual's voice from regular person into an old man, a man into a female and even a grown-up into a young child.

It also has several add on features that can be purchased separately that we plan to look into in the future
It is a perfect gift for children 5 years old and above. It is well made and it can withstand minor impacts of bumps and falls. The neatest thing is that you can download missions. With this you can develop your childís imagination and creativity, by letting them decide the best strategy to accomplish their missions.

The best feature that really stands out is the lie detector function of the Spy Net Video Watch. By using the stress levels in one's speech, it evaluates and registers if someone is telling the truth or lying. You may have to adjust the lie detector using a regular voice announcement of the person you are trying to interrogate, to calibrate this function effectively.

The Spy Net Video Watch can be charged by using the USB battery charger that is included with the unit. Although it has its battery pack initially charged upon purchase, it is best to fully charge it before using it. The approximate charge period is a good couple of hours and may also be recharged by using a notebook or home computer.

In addition, there isn't a danger of the loss of any data in the event of depleted battery, as it works with a fail-safe memory feature which will keep your data protected and safeguarded. Price ranges from $44.88 to $52.

This Christmas strap on your Spy Net Watch, and win every spy game in town


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