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Don't Make this Common
 Classified Advertising Mistake

"This Common Classified Advertising Mistake
Will Cost You Dearly
  by Steve Hackney
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Classified advertising is a truly great business building tool you can use to generate dozens and dozens of leads for your service business.

Whether your target market(s) is based locally or further away there are publications, trade magazines, newsletters, and newspapers that will be read by your prospects.

Placing small ads in the classified advertising section of these publications will generate leads for you - I guarantee it!

The great news is that classified advertising even with large publications is relatively inexpensive.

But of course it's not how much it costs that's important. What's important is how much profit you generate from using classified advertising.

                    Here's The BIG Mistake…

By far and away the biggest mistake people make with classified advertising, and all other forms of advertising is not using a benefit written headline. This alone is the key to creating effective classified advertising.

Omit a headline and I guarantee your classified advertising will flop. And a benefit headline doesn't mean you use your company name!

Great template headlines to use are…

How To…
Are You…
Free Report Reveals…

Don't forget classified advertising is a great lead generator because the reader is actually looking for your service. But remember you will be up against your competitors, so your headline must grab the reader immediately.

I assure you, if your headline doesn't get the readers attention you will not succeed. Simple but true!

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