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Splashy Fern Print: A Fun Project for Kids
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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This fun fern print combines botany and messy fun for a perfect project to make with your kids. CAUTION TO PARENTS: Hilarious messiness may occur while creating this project.

What you'll need to make this fern print: blank white paper (ordinary typing paper is good); a small wire screen; several fern fronds; a toothbrush, and washable paints in the children's favorite colors (or yours!).

To start, you'll need to find your fern fronds. Make an outing of it; kids will love spotting and picking the fronds for themselves. You'll need at least one for each child, more if you want to do more than one fern print per child.

Next, set up the area where you'll make your fern print. Again, this is a messy project; outside is best. A driveway works well. The children (and yourself) should wear old clothes; the project isn't as fun unless you get plenty of paint on yourself as well as the fern print! Open your jars of paint and set them in easy reach before you begin, and have the garden hose nearby for cleaning up afterwards.

Give each child a piece of paper; have them lay their fern frond (or more than one, if they prefer) on a sheet of paper. Allow them to arrange the frond or fronds in whatever way they like. Now the fun can begin.

To make your fern print, hold your screen (you may either use small craft screens or make your own by stretching wire screen over a frame) about eight to twelve inches above the fern frond. Dip the toothbrush in the paint and brush it rapidly over the screen so that the paint spatters onto the paper and the fern. Repeat the process, using different colors if you like, until you are satisfied with the way the spatters look. When you remove the fern from the paper, you should have a shadow image of the fern on the paper.

Your print can be framed, scanned, stuck to the refrigerator, or displayed in any way you normally display artwork. But the fun is definitely in making it.

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