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The Basics of Fern Care
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Ferns are lovely plants. They thrive even in the shadiest location; they need little care, and, as though that were not enough, with hybridizers creating new varieties almost daily, there is sure to be a variety for every taste.

Ferns require little care once planted, but they do require proper planting. Fern care consists mainly of ensuring that your fern is planted in a suitable place. They like shade--love it, actually--and prefer loamy soil, well-drained but moist. Indeed, given a proper environment, little else is needed.

Watering will be your biggest task in caring for your ferns, especially if you live in a hot or dry area. If the weather is droughty for any extended length of time, turn a garden hose on just a trickle, and leave it running at the base of the fern for forty-five minutes, perhaps an hour if the air is particularly dry. If you have a hose nozzle with a "mist" option, give the fern a good misting after soaking the soil. Ferns should be watered once a week when the weather is dry.

Additionally, ferns suffer from few pests or diseases. This is why fern care is so crucial. Your main concerns will be with slugs and snails, and perhaps mealybugs or powdery mildew. As with other plants, you may control them using chemical or organic means, or by spraying the fronds, overside and underside, with a solution of dish soap and water. However, pests should not be a problem if the fern is in good shape. An unhealthy fern with too little water or poorly-drained soil will have more pests and diseases than a healthy one.

Above all, use common sense when caring for your ferns. Fern care is not rocket science, nor do ferns require a horticulturist or a Master Gardener. A little shade, a little water, and some well-drained, loamy soil, and fern care is no trouble at all. Fern care need not be difficult. Ferns give exceptional pleasure, lending themselves to casual garden and formal one with equal aplomb.

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