How to Prepare for a Safe Greece Vacation

Going on an extended vacation in Greece may seem like the ultimate adventure but it can just as easily turn into a nightmare if you do not plan your trip carefully. Remember that you are going to unchartered territory and should anything happen, you will not be as familiar with the procedures and the people as you are when it happened in your own country.

Here are some tips on how to make sure that your trip is safe and sound.

1. Have a map
There is nothing more dangerous than getting lost in areas that you are not familiar with. This is especially true if you are on a vacation by yourself or if your family is not part of a packaged tour. If you plan to explore the areas on your own, make sure that you have a map with you always. This will not only help you in directions but will also serve as a guide for locals should you ask them for directions.

Another tip is to always mark the spot where you are staying on your map. That way, you will be able to easily point out where you will need to go when you are lost. Remember that not all locals will know how to speak English.

2. Learn basic emergency phrases
It is also a good idea to learn basic phrases that will help you during emergencies. Phrases such as “Help! Or Can you help me”, “Where is the with the name of your hotel?” or “Where is this?” will serve you in good stead during times when you need directions.

3. Emergency fund
As much as you can, keep your belongings as close to you as possible. Always check for you wallet and passport holders every now and then. Money is a very important commodity when you are outside the country. Without it, you can get hungry and perhaps even go to jail for not paying.

But things do happen no matter how careful you are. If that is the case, it is also good to have emergency money tucked on your pants or somewhere in baggage. That way, should your wallet get lost, you still have some that will help you get through the rest of the week until it is time to go.

For those who rely on their credit cards, carry extra cash and don’t put it on the same area as your credit card. These plastic cards can easily get lost so make sure that you have a back up plan.

4. Stick to the usual
Although it would be wonderful to be able to explore the country all by yourself and to go to places that few people have ever gone before, it is still preferable if you stick to the usual tourist spots. Remember that there is safety in numbers and you will be better off with a crowd around you than go gallivanting all alone in the country.

If you can, stick to the tours. These things may seem boring but if it is your first time to go on a Greece vacation, playing the dumb tourist isn’t so bad. Besides, when it comes to safety, don’t you think a little naiveté when it comes to Greece will not go amiss?



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