Internet Safety for Kids guides parents in protecting them from predators, pedophiles,and helps maintain online safety and avoid online dangers


          Internet Safety For Your Kids

                                   How To Keep Your Kids Safe Online

   Has this happened to you?  Picture this. You are rounding up your family for the evening meal and repeated calls to your daughter have fallen on deaf ears.

   Off you go to her room to give her a not too pleasant personal message to wash up for the evening meal.  Because you are the type of parent who wants to instill a certain modicum of privacy you rap on her closed door.  No response.  Food is getting cold and after rapping again you open the door.  Parent monitoring child's internet surfing for cyber threats

   As you walk up behind her to give her a tap your eyes are drawn to the monitor she is so enthralled with.  Choking back a cry of horror you can’t believe what you are seeing that has her so mesmerized. 

   Here sits your beautiful pre-teen daughter.  The same little girl you have nursed through diapers, potty training, mumps and every other childhood benchmark. 

   She’s had the talk about not speaking to strangers.  She knows not to open the door to strangers if you aren’t home.  She would never get into a car with someone without your permission.  She’s had the drill about not letting anyone touch her inappropriately.  

   In short, you have done everything imaginable to keep her safe from harm – until now. 

   Your baby has an image on her monitor that you can’t even begin to describe.  She is watching a live feed from a vile monster who has convinced her that it’s okay for him to show her different parts of his anatomy live and in graphic detail.

   We are going to end our narrative here.  Hopefully, Cathy’s parents have discovered this early enough to end it without too much damage to their little girl. 
  Has this ever happened to you?

Child surfing the Internet could accidently find a predator   Does your child have his or her own computer?  Is that computer in his/her own room?  Have you done everything possible to insure that you don’t have a repeat of the scene above? 

   The Internet has revolutionized how we learn about the world.  The possibilities for education and fun are endless.  Unlike ourselves, our children are no longer constrained to the 12 or 24 volume encyclopedias we were provided.  The world is virtually at their fingertips and we should do everything we can to encourage their exploration.

    Unfortunately, it’s a sad testimony to the times we live in that such a wonderful tool is also a very dangerous weapon.  And, there are thousands of unsavory predators lurking in the shadows just waiting for an opportunity to strike. 

   The odds are very high that even if you think you’ve taken every precaution you’ve not done enough.  Whether you think you have all the bases covered you still need your own arsenal of tools.

 Keep Your Children Safe Online, Internet Safety for Kids

    One of these tools is your own copy of “Internet Safety For Your Kids.”   What can this guide do for you and your family? 

   Well, take a look:

Catch 22 – explore how the internet is at odds with education vs. terror
What Are Some of the Dangers – taking a serious look at all the dangers online like pedophiles, theft and pornography
Should You Violate Your Child's Privacy? – a discussion on the pros and cons
Phishing and Your Child – how this applies to your family
What Kind of eMail Is Coming to Your child? – learn how to monitor family email accounts
About Firewalls and Free Software – when free isn’t really free!
About Abduction – these worse case scenarios are playing out every day across the Internet
Know Who Your Kids Are Online With – follow up and check them out
Know Who You Should Contact – who do you notify if you find a predator
Chat rooms, Social Sites and Your Child – learn what goes on in chat rooms
Case Studies – learn about what is happening to insure it doesn’t happen to you
What Solutions Are Available – take a look at the options and solutions that are available for you
What To Teach Your Kids About the Internet – how to present the problems and what they need to do to stay safe
Resources – last but not least is a list of free and paid services you can use for more information

    There is no such thing as too much protection when it comes to our children.  Read the list above one more time.  If there is even the slightest doubt about your knowledge of any of those topics you need to grab your copy of “Internet Safety For Your Kids” immediately.

    Don’t wait!  This is too important.  Get your copy now and start putting it to work in just minutes after your order is confirmed.

    Again, there is no such thing as too much protection when it comes to your kids. You protect their health.  You protect their teeth. You teach them how to cross the street properly ...

                 .Young children are targets of child predators and pedophiles


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