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Some Common Internet Marketing Scams
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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For those who are trying make it as businessmen on the Internet, they must first be aware of all the Internet marketing scams that promise help in getting your business out there to the consumers who are looking for the product or service that you are offering. One example of this is the companies who promise to get your website on hundreds of search engines so that if someone is looking for what your business has to offer they will find you. To begin with, there are really only a handful of primary search engines which manage over ninety percent of the searches that take place. Their offer to get you on more than this handful is not worth the effort. These services also claim they will put your website on the search engines every few weeks to keep you near the top. But, once you have been submitted that is all you need. Some search engines will even drop your website if you keep putting your name on.

Other internet scams include promising to make your website a top ten choice on Google. They might actually accomplish this for you but not necessarily with the key word that will be searched and bring the consumer to your website. If you do not choose the keyword what would be the point of letting someone do this? Be careful of services that offer to send your advertising email to thousands of opt-in subscribers. Opt-in means that these are people have chosen to receive emails on certain topics. This is spamming and can get you into legal trouble if you follow through with this idea.

Companies that promise to get your website listed on a thousand directories are just one more example of those practicing internet marketing scams. They promise to get your name out but you do not get any input into where or what type of directories they are listing your company on. Often these companies send in your website to unrelated directories or to ones where the links are delivered automatically so these can be worse for you than if you were not on any directories. If you are doing business on the internet be careful to protect yourself from scams.

BIG Mike is a well known author, developer and Adsense expert as well as the owner of Niche Maniacs - a unique Adsense Marketing System designed to build long-term passive income streams from Adsense, Amazon, YPN, Chitika and other PPC services.

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