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The 5 most Popular Internet Email Scams to Avoid
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Internet email scams have been on the increase recently because more people are spending their time online. Those people who are innocent of the scams tend to be easy victims unless they are informed of the usual types of scams that can be encountered in the Internet.

The Nigerian scam is infamous. The scammer is said to be from Nigeria and is looking for a partner overseas because of a very large amount of money worth up to US$ 21 million for transfer. During correspondence, the scammer will request payment from the victim for legal fees though there will be no money transfer that will happen. The scam preys upon the emotions of innocent and compassionate victims. This scam is a variant of a very old con called "The Spanish Prisoner."

An email that requires an advance fee for an approved credit card loan is definitely a scam. No credit card company will demand money during sign-up for a loan. People who receive such emails should remember that credit card companies require a loan application before approving a loan. If you are sure that you did not apply for any loan then the email is definitely a scam.

Lottery email scams are also one of the frequent spammers of email accounts. These scams are easily identifiable because they require payment of a processing fee before allowing collection of the winnings.

Phishing emails are also very popular and are not the least dangerous. They can acquire passwords and even credit card details just be sending a seemingly legitimate email from a reputable entity such as a credit card company. It steals your identity by redirecting you to a fake website to enter your credit card details and PIN.

Overpayment scams, on the other hand, are Internet email scams that leverages on the desire of a person to be able to make a sale online. The buyer of the item on sale is supposedly located overseas. He promises to pay you more than the selling price if you will be able to send him money to pay the supposed international fees of customs first.

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