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Tips In Avoiding Internet Money Scams
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Some Internet scams target sensitive information such as passwords or credit card information. Still, most scams target quick money from unsuspecting victims. That is why, Internet money scams are sure to increase over time. Identifying these money scams is easy. Common plots are either they offer you an overseas transfer of money or they will tell you that you have won money from the lottery. In both cases, these scams deal with large sums of money worth up to million dollars.

To avoid Internet money scams, people only need to know and follow a few important rules. The first and most important rule is that there should never be an upfront money. It is definitely a money scam if it requires payment of questionable charges that will come in different forms such as processing fees, international charges or banking fees.

Another important thing to do is to avoid the urge to reply to any correspondence or advertisements such as email or website ads. One reply to the spammer email address will solicit even more spam emails to your email account. They actually expect that they can break you into replying back by spamming your email account. If it happens just assign their email addresses as spam so they will be automatically deleted or redirected to the trash bin.

Internet auctions may seem very vulnerable to scams. The truth is that you can avoid being scammed of your money by using a credit card to pay for the merchandise instead of casing out money. If the merchandise does not arrive on the agreed date, you can retract the credit card transaction that you made.

Phony prizes can be immediately identified because legitimate sweepstakes winner requires a Form 1099 that includes the prize value. Prizes are still taxed by the IRS so a win without a tax is definitely phony.

Despite being knowledgeable on Internet money scams, people still tend to be victimized so the best thing to do is to scrutinize offers before actually believing in them. In the Internet, the best defense is vigilance.

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