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Improving your Ability to Focus and Concentrate

   Bruce Lee was once quoted s saying that a successful warrior is an average man with laser-like focus. The ability to concentrate is a daunting task, especially if your mind is ridden with worries and distractions. In fact, studies reveal that a person can listen to something only for so long, which is why speakers are urged to keep their talks as short and precise as they can.

   Long speeches and talks that ramble nonstop for hours and hours get people fidgety, and in the long run, all they’ll hear is blah, blah, blah. The true message of the speech is lost. In fact, a poor speaker doesn’t think that less is more. For him, more is, well, what it exactly is, more!

   It's difficult for many people to concentrate.
Maintaining focus all throughout the day is not an easy thing to do. It’s not entirely impossible, but highly improbable.

    Considered these distractions -

       • The noises that surround you
       • Your state of health
       • Your level of confidence in yourself
       • Non conducive work environment
       • The outside factors that force you to direct your attention elsewhere

   Today, multi-tasking is essential, especially if you want to succeed in your work. Unfortunately, there are also more demands placed upon you as the world continues to grow and develop. Focus plays a key role on your way to success. Although there are some things simply out of your control, you also must work on the aspects that you can easily overcome.

   Concentration Skills

   To start with, you have to learn how to remove yourself from all the distractions. A quiet corner and a locked door make a world of difference. Secondly, you must learn to will yourself not to give in to temptations. When you hear the television blaring, Don’t look to see what show is playing at that moment. Keep this thought in mind - work sustains you, not the shows you watch.

   Self Improvement

   Learn to push yourself to the limit. If concentrating is just too difficult at the moment, then reward yourself with a few minutes breather. Even top-ranking officials know when to take a break, and so should you. In the end, you have to think about the benefits you’ll reap once you will yourself to move further.
No one rewards the lazy
, and pitfalls come to those who procrastinate.

   Motivating yourself is what gets you to move forward and think of ways to improve the quality of your work. It is when you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor will you realize that good things come to those who try. And to experience these benefits as soon as possible, there is no other resort here but to learn the worth of focus and concentration.

                                                                                       Richard Rossbauer
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