personal deelopment and self empowerment

Improving Your Quality of Life with better
                Time management

   The chances of living completely without worries or stress for the rest of our lives are mighty remote. To make such a state of bliss possible, we would have to remove ourselves completely from reality. Not to say that there is no solution to this dilemma. Stress can never be avoided, but we can better deal with it if we know what to do when it comes.

   Consider the analogy - Lao-tzu saying "The journey to a thousand miles begins with a single
step" and " it is better that we finish our tasks one at a time rather than give up altogether".

   Here are a few more Personal Time Management tips to help you be more efficient when dealing with strain and pressure:
    1. Plan your day - schedule tasks- know what needs to be done. Follow the timeframe you've allotted for each task. Every time you stray from the schedule and postpone your work, your work piles up and you'll need more time to finish.

    2. Number - prioritize your tasks according to which needs to be done first. The more immediate ones will naturally require more attention. To help in determining which is more important - weigh the consequences and repercussions you'll create if you don't complete them.

    3. Know when to delegate work. Passing on work to someone else is not always wrong. You just have to know what you need to do yourself and what others can do. Reward them if needed and make them feel appreciated.

    4. Limit distractions - If you're a person who can work with the distraction of a blasting radio - great, then go for it. Just surround yourself with things that'll help you with concentration and will inspire you to be more productive.

    5. Know when to take a break - Vacations are there for a reason: they refresh our bodies and minds and reenergizes us to go back to work in top form. If we labor on our tasks nonstop, we could eventually break down

   Everyone has their saturation point. If you reach yours, it really isn't a sign of weakness. It simply tells you that you are like any other person - in other words, you're only human. Just know that you have to surround yourselves with people who can give you the support you need. Aside from that you must learn to stand on your own two feet.

   With strength, proper management of your own time, and the right support system, stress no longer needs to be a scary word.

   Know that reaching your goal is the best thing that can happen to you. When you complete each task, congratulate yourself and let this serve as your inspiration to complete the next thing on your to-do list.

Richard Rossbauer

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                          Failing to plan is planning to fail
Origin Unknown
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