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  Affordable Life Coach Training

   Want to be a Life Coach? If you feel the passion, have the heart and the desire to help people - Yes - you can become a life coach. There's usually a problem, though. Those qualities alone are not enough to qualify you as an effective life coach. You will also need training and mentoring.

   But life coach training resulting in a certification costs from $3000 to $6000 on the average.

   If you don't have the funds available for a formal Certification program, it doesn't mean you must give up your dream. There are several ways you can make life coach training more affordable.

   You may have to put a bit of extra effort into making any of these work for you. They'll test your mettle, but that's what Self Empowerment is really all about, isn't it?


   Seeking a Scholarship is a great goal. As in traditional colleges and universities, there are scholarships available to help you pursue your dreams of becoming a life coach. There are a number companies willing to help you as long as you meet their qualifications and display the necessary level of desire and determination.

   One approach you can take is with your current employer about a Tuition Refund program. You can inquire whether or not they have scholarships or other programs available that would meet your needs. Many companies offer incentives for their employees to further their education, especially if it's in an area that would benefit the company, such as life coaching.

   If no such program currently exists in your company, you could suggest it to the appropriate department head or your supervisor. There are many companies that fund 100% of continuing education.

   Another approach is to apply for a scholarships with the top coaching academies. One of these institutions is the International Coach Academy.

   International Coach Academy is one of the top schools in the world for coach training. They provide top notch, affordable and accessible training. Their Certified Professional Coach Program is fully certified by the International Coach Federation. What may be of special interest to you is they offer a number of 50% scholarships for their program.

   Finding a mentor is another method of obtaining affordable life coach training. If you have the necessary desire and motivation, you can look for someone already working as a life coach who is willing to take you on as an apprentice.

   This may not be formal training but that doesn't necessarily mean that it will be less effective. Someone currently working in the life coaching field may well be a better teacher or trainer who has been in the classroom and isn't an actively practicing coach.

   Of course it's going to require some work to find someone willing to become your mentor. You will need to gain their trust as well as demonstrate a high level of desire and determination. While you should attend some sort of formal training later to attain life coach certification, the lessons you will learn from studying under a personal mentor will likely prove to be far more valuable than anything you might learn in a classroom.

   Self-Training - If you are unable to find a mentor or are unable to afford formal life coach training, then your last resort is going to be self training. Libraries are loaded with books on the subject, but you don't necessarily need to buy them yourself. Find the ones available through your local library and start with those.

   The Internet provides an incredible amount of information on life coaching. Check out the college and university websites, do a Google or similar search, build a list of resources that your can investigate. Just make sure you exercise some caution on where you get your information. Try to identify and select sites that are credible sources of information on life coach training.

Richard Rossbauer

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