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How to Become a Life Coach

 Life coaches help their clients discover what is most important to them, help them perform at optimum levels, and achieve what it is they most desire.

   They work one-on-one with their clients, either in person or over the phone, and help them in their personal development and in meeting personal goals.

   If you like helping people and are a charismatic and energetic person, then life coaching might be a good career choice for you.

   Let's first examine what a life coach is and does, then we'll go into more detail on the process of how to become a life coach.

   The practice evolved out of executive coaching, which itself drew on techniques developed in leadership training and management consulting.

   It also borrows from disciplines such as sociology, psychology, career counseling, mentoring and other types of counseling. Coaches may apply mentoring, behavior modification, behavior modeling, values assessment, goal-setting and other techniques in their practice.

   According to a survey of coaching clients, "sounding board" and "motivator" were what they were looking for most in a coach. The desire that their coach "really listen to them and give honest feedback." Time management, career, and business are the top three areas in which the surveyed clients sought help.

   Some say that life coaching is similar to psychotherapy, but without restrictions, oversight or regulation. The State legislature of Colorado disagreed, and ruled that coaching is unlike therapy because it does not focus on examining nor diagnosing the past. Life coaching focuses on changing the client's current and future behavior. Neither does life coaching delve into diagnosing mental illness or dysfunction.

   Life coaches are not therapists nor consultants.

   Before becoming too involved in being a life coach, decide first on a specialty, or a focus for your practice. Besides the three areas already mentioned, you could also specialize in finance, health, relationships, career management or a variety of other areas. Decide on your specialty, then pursue further training in that field.

   Your preparation should include attending a life coaching seminar. You will get a good overview of life coaching in general, and have the opportunity to see how coaches interact with people in the crowd. Grasp the opportunity to approach one of the speakers after the event and ask how best to break into the field.

   After attending a seminar, you should have a pretty good idea of whether or not becoming a life coach is something you really want to pursue. You want to be sure of that before you invest your time and money into life coach training.

   There are hundreds of coaching training programs that range from $100 home study programs, to a $15,000 two year life coach certification. The value and cost of life coach training varies widely and is something you should research thoroughly. The most comprehensive list of coaching courses and schools can be found at

   Without a coaching credential you will have a difficult time convincing potential clients that you are authentic, so it's important that you pursue a program of instruction that results in accreditation.

   We have reviewed the basic outline of how to become a life coach. If you still fancy becoming active in this field, invest plenty of time in researching the topic further before you make any financial commitment.
Richard Rossbauer

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You cannot teach a man anything: you can only
                    help him find it within himself

                                              - Galileo Galilei
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