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      Learn How to Love Yourself - An Antidote for Stress

   In the most stressful of days, everyone needs some for that famous TLC, (tender love and care). When you feel tied into knots with stress, it's probably a good time to mentally remove yourself from the situation and see things in a bigger and better perspective. Stress cannot be avoided, However there are responsibilities you just can't ignore, and unfortunately, some of these are accompanied by high levels of anxiety.
   Sometimes giving up just seems to be the best solution. What do you do when the time comes that you have to deal with everything, face up to your decisions, and take all the consequences? Running away is certainly not an option.

   Just remember, being scared is not necessarily a bad thing. It's what you do when you're faced with fear that counts. When you successfully deal with bad situations, take the time to treat yourself with a reward. It helps inspire you to do better every time a form of harassment comes into your life.

    Ways to deal with stress

   One thing many people resort to when they need to unwind is have themselves a 'spa day.' The term intrinsically assumes the idea of health. Thus, many believe this to be a wisely spent day. A day of relaxation trumps anything that comes next. This is the ultimate way to spoil yourself, a way to reward yourself for all your hard work.

   Unfortunately, spending the day at a spa can be costly. It only affirms the notion that all good things come at a price. The good news is, this doesn't have to be the case. As a matter of fact, there are hundreds of ways to celebrate your triumphs, many of which require little or no money.

   When things become too rough to handle, a walk in the park does wonders. The nice fresh air and the smell of flowers is nature's version of an energy drink. If the park isn't your thing, maybe a day spent at the beach could do the trick. The idea is to do the things you love.

   The idea behind it is to let you feel that you are also worth something and that you deserve the goodness in life because you've been a responsible person. Whatever it is that you like, you have to set aside some quality time for it so you are able to see things clearly and in the proper perspective after you're refreshed.

   A good method to use is to have a list of things you must accomplish in say, 10 years. Include things that are not necessarily related to work. Make it as holistic as possible, bearing in mind that you also need to spend time with those who are close to you on a more personal level.

   After all, pampering is not a benefit that only some of us should enjoy, it's everybody's birthright to love themselves!

                                                                                       Richard Rossbauer
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