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               Relaxation - Time With No Noise

   If you follow a very busy schedule, as most people do, you sometimes just need to get away from it all. Youíll need quiet time to recuperate and recharge whatever energy youíve spent.
   As the world gets smaller, the demands placed on you ironically increases. This inversely proportional relationship is what can astound you.

   There may be days that youíll feel unable to meet all the requirements and deadlines you have to fulfill.

   During these turbulent times, youíll need to take a step back and take a momentís breather.

   To keep your sanity, you must have a crib sheet of helpful tips that will serve as your anchor.

   You definitely will need time away from it all, a place where no noise and phone calls can interrupt your quiet thoughts. Common sense dictates that you need to give your brain a chance to unwind. Strategies may differ, of course, because of varying interests. Some people prefer watching TV over reading, while others feel the need to keep their hands busy to help them relax.

   If you are an avid reader, choose a book that gets you excited and enthusiastic. Self-help reads may come into play here. There are so many writers out there who are more than willing to share their ideas on how to relax. All you need to do is go to your nearest bookstore and purchase yourself a copy of one of these books.

   If, on the other hand, you enjoy daydreaming, then give yourself time to think of happy thoughts. Set a quota for yourself.

   A good suggestion would be to have at least three happy thoughts daily. You could think about your future plans or happy moments. Whatever it may be, just make sure that these get you to once again stand up and face the day with a smile on your face.

  The most popular tactic that people employ nowadays is a massage. This is very much like meditating. These two things have been known to effectively relax the muscles in your body. So, after a late nightís work, drive yourself to a spa and ask for a full body massage. Get yourself in the zone by thinking about your dreams while someone soothes the kinks out of your muscles.

   Some of you may find that doing all these is almost next to impossible, especially if you have a family to take care of. The trick here is to be resourceful. Try to create your own quiet spot in the house. Think about the best place for you. If you are creative enough, youíll realize that there are hundreds of places you can think of.

   A drive to the store or picking a corner in the attic may be enough. The secret here is to plan ahead and choose a place where no one can invade it when you need that time alone. I personally find myself looking forward to a drive to the mall. Being alone in the car helps me think about the things I want to do while listening to my favorite tunes.

   We all have a place we know as our own. The secret here is to be inventive. These spots, however simple they may be, can be our very own comfortable little nook where we can simply lock ourselves away from the world as we go into our relaxing dreamland. This can be our very own dwelling, and no one elseís.

                                                                                       Richard Rossbauer
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