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A Few Facts About Koi for Your Pond
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Many times the reason people keep a pond is to keep fish in it. Koi is a popular type of fish to keep in a pond because it is colorful and hardy. Unless the pond will be in an area that has extreme weather conditions, A Koi pond will not require special heating. If you are going to keep fish in your pond you will need to have pumps and filters. These are need to ensure that your fish will have enough oxygen. If you live in a very cold climate, you may also need a heater so the water does not freeze solid.

Koi is a Japanese word that means carp. Koi is a type of carp originated from eastern Asia and is closely related to the goldfish. This type comes in different varieties that are distinguished by their colors, patterns and scales.
Koi need a lot of space. You cannot keep them in your house, if you are going to have koi, they must be accommodated with 240 gallons per fish. The size and depth of your koi pond will depend on how many koi you will have in it. Because koi are cold water fish you need to have a meter or more of depth in climates that have warm summers. If you live in an area that has extreme winters then you should not have a koi pond that is less than 4 ˝ feet. This is necessary so the water does not freeze solid because the deeper the pond, the more water you will have that doesn’t freeze.

Koi eat a variety of foods. These foods include peas and lettuce. You can also purchase koi food. In the winter time the koi digestive system slows down considerably. In fact it is not unusual for koi to eat just a few nibbles of algae during the entire winter. For this reason, you should not feed your koi once the water goes below 50 degrees farenheit. Because their digestive system has basically ground to a halt, any food they have in their stomach once the water goes below 50 degrees, will go rancid and this can harm the fish.

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