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The Joys of Farm Pond Fishing
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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There are many reasons why farm pond fishing is enjoyable. You will only need a small selection of lures and a basic pole; you can travel light; bass grow large; there isnít any pressure. All of the combined make farm pond fishing very enjoyable for a lot of people and is a great place to introduce kids to the joy of fishing. Many kids get their first taste of bass fishing at a farm pond.

Farm ponds eliminate the need to locate the bass and the bass that is caught are huge because they are given a chance to grow large. These ponds usually have their largest yield in the spring and fall, however, it is not unusual to have luck throughout the summer as well. Larger ponds are able to have more of a variety of bass habitats, therefore, they are more productive.

Even though a farm pond is smaller than fishing at a lake or reservoir, you can still have more luck fishing if you do some planning. Check the shoreline for cover that might hold fish. This may be brush or lily pads. If the pond is large enough to accommodate a fishing boat and you have a depth finder, you can use the depth finder to look for bottom contour features. Bass can be located in the deeper contours. If you are not using a boat and are just sticking to the shoreline, look for channels, ditches or depressions where the fish may be.

Here are some areas where you are likely to find the fish: shadowy places; vegetation near the shore; anywhere that there is a current; any area where the bass has the option of having shallow and deep water near each other.

Once you have identified good bass-catching areas you can start planning your day of fishing. As with any fishing expedition, you will need to keep quiet. To keep the fish from spooking, you need to remember to circle the area. This means that you should start fishing 30 to 40 feet from the shoreline.

After discovering the nuances of your pond, you can develop ways of making farm pond fishing a year-round success.

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