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Tips for Maintaining Water Clarity in Farm Ponds
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Farm ponds are constructed for various reasons; fishing, irrigation, swimming, fire suppression or simply for beauty. No matter what the function of your farm pond may be there are always maintenance issues that need to be dealt with to maintain the health of your pond. The first step in farm pond maintenance is to inspect your pond on a regular basis. Look in different areas of the pond for erosion, aquatic weed control, damage to wildlife and water quality.

Pond water clarity is important to many pond owners. The clarity of the water may be measured with a Secci disk. This is a black and white disk that is lowered into the pond until you cannot see it. The clarity of the water is determined by how far you are able to lower the Secci disk into the water. The lower it goes, the clearer your water. Cloudy water may have its source in erosion. To determine if this is the case, fill a glass jar with water from your pong and look at it under a bright light. Green flecks means you have an algae or plankton issue, however, if you leave the jar to settle for a couple of days and the cloudy condition settles to the bottom of the jar, then you have an erosion problem. This means you have silt particles that are not settling.

To treat silt settling issues you may use agricultural lime, hydrated lime, aluminum sulfate and agricultural gypusum. If you stock fish in your farm pond then you should be aware that gypsum and aluminum sulfate have the ability to increase the acidity of your pond water and this can harm fish. Therefore, it is a good idea to start with small amounts and then determine if that amount has cleared up the water before adding more. Try using only one-fourth of the amount recommended, and then wait two weeks to see if the issue clears up.

Sometimes the discoloration of you farm pond water is due to runoff that is entering the pond. Be sure that the runoff areas to the pond are free from fertilizer, manure and septic beds.

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