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Tips for Minimizing Water Loss in a Waterfall Pond
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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A waterfall pond is by far one of the most visually attractive ponds that are being designed today. However, with this beauty there can sometimes be a lot of water loss. No matter where you live in the country, whether in an area with plenty of water or in an area that is constantly trying to conserve water, you never want to waste it. There are things you can do when designing and constructing your waterfall pond that will minimize the water loss.

The most important rocks that are used will be the rocks that the water cascades over. When choosing these rocks, the shape of them will help to determine how effective your water-loss will be. The cascading rocks should be relatively flat and should have square edges that are sharp. This is because the water will hit that shape of rock and cascade more cleanly over the edges. Rocks that have dull, curved edges can cause the water to trickle back under the rocks instead of being pushed forward. This lessens the visual impact of the waterfall, and also causes a lot of water loss. Choose rocks that will channel the falling water in the direction your want it to go.

How you lay out your rocks will also determine how much water-loss you will have. When laying out your rocks, go for a steeper pitch, but not so steep a pitch that too much splashing will occur. Of course, this will take some trial and error testing, but that is to be expected so donít worry about it.

The height of the cascading water will determine the amount of visual impact. Many times people feel the higher, the better. But this is no true if you are trying to prevent a lot of water loss. The higher your waterfall, the more splashing occurs and thus more water-loss occurs. Sometimes you will have to compromise to save water. The size of your pond will determine the height of your waterfall. The larger your pond, the higher you can have the cascading water because the pond will catch the splashing water.

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