Search Engine Optimization
(SEO) can be made very complex or very simple. In order to get traffic from the search engines, you'll need to focus on two things:
    1 .Making sure that your website is very clearly telling the
          Search Engines what it's about. 
    2. Making sure other people are talking about your website, too.

  These are the Serious SEO Mistakes that  this FREE 10 part eCourse  will help you Learn to Avoid -
    1. SEO Mistake: Hiring SEO Companies that Spam You
    2. SEO Mistake: Waiting Too Long To Worry about SEO
    3. SEO Mistake: Spreading Your Content Over Multiple Domains
    4. SEO Mistake: Submitting Your Site to Search Engines
    5. SEO Mistake: Obsessing Over Meta Tags or Your Google  PageRank
    6. SEO Mistake: Outsourcing Your SEO the Wrong Way
    7. SEO Mistake: Which Hat Are You Going To Wear?
    8. SEO Mistake: Forgetting Your Customers Are #1
    9. SEO Mistake: Forgetting Itís All About Content
  10. SEO Mistake: Losing Sight of Your Goals as You Develop Your Battle Plan
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