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I wish we could be sharing this Special Report over a cup of coffee. In this article, jl Scott observes " If you'll just get away from that
computer for a few hours a day, you'll be amazed at the great ideas that jump into your head - while your mind is doing "nothing."

Have you tried this, or are you as driven as we used to be? We have learned to Slow Down and savor our
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by jl scott, ph.d.

We are constantly told how FAST everything is on the Internet -
and "they" tell us that we need to keep up or be lost.

So I suppose that slowing down is easier said than done. Especially,
if we believe that.

Yes - computers are fast. Most of the time. Our ability to correspond now moves like lightening compared to the old "snail mail." We can do something creative - like make a web page - and see a finished result in record time.

I don't think that's what "they" mean though. "Keeping up"
seems to mean that we need to absorb vast amounts of material. It means that we need to know EVERY latest trick - sales
technique - programming format - and design technique. And if we don't - we're goners on the Web.

In other words,
it's the same old story of "keeping up with the
Joneses." Unless we WERE the Joneses, few of us could ever keep up off-line. Do we think that something magical is going to give us wings online?

Now - it's good to be constantly learning and moving forward. I'm not against that. It's part of the way we achieve our goals.
What's bothering me is the things that are being allowed to slide when people won't slow down.

Little things. Simple things. And these ARE the things that will take
you out of the running.

For Instance ...

We make silly mistakes. Now I admit to being a champion at that. But it only seems to happen when I'm feeling rushed to get something done RIGHT THIS MINUTE. Sheez! Like that email couldn't go out an hour later!

But here's the one that can really make us look D-U-M ...

Some people apparently never read an email all the way through. IF they read it at all. How do you think it looks to a business associate when you won't even take the time to read what's sent to you? I can't tell you how often I have to spend my time answering questions on information that someone couldn't bother to read when I sent it in the first place!

And here's the REAL killer! Sometimes, that information is RIGHT THERE in the quoted part of the first message that they are using to write back to me! This is crazy! Which takes less time? Reading it the first time? Or skipping over it and having to write and ask for it again? Now, how professional is that?

Oh, and one more thing. If you'll just get away from that computer
for a few hours a day, you'll be amazed at the great ideas that jump into your head - while your mind is doing "nothing."

I'm betting that soon a new study will be done. And, I'm betting that they will find that people who work online have a higher incidence of stroke and heart attack than those who work off-line. Why? The STRESS levels! The stress of trying to go faster and faster and faster so as not to be left in the dust.

AND, I'm betting that, if we DON'T slow down, we'll - BE dust!

       jl scott, ph.d., Author
       (C) 2001, All Rights Reserved
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