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A Tea Tree is a Wonderful Plant from Australia Which Can Grow Heartily Nearly Anywhere
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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There seems to be some name confusion over the term “tea tree.” There are no less than four different plants which all claim to be a so-called tea tree, but most of them are actually shrubs or are not able to have tea produced from them at all.

However, the Melaleuca species of trees are the rightful owners of the whole tea tree name mix-up, as these plants are both tea oil producers and trees. Now that the name confusion is all cleared up, you are better prepared to realize just how great of a tree the so called tea tree actually is.

There are hundreds of different species of tree, all of which originated in Australia. In tree form, they can reach a height of around 80 to 90 feet, which is somewhere in the average range for many tree species.

Unlike many of the trees native to North America which have hard bark, this tree is actually flaky and will shed its bark on the ground as new bark grows in. During the spring and summertime, this evergreen tree produces a great deal of flowers which can range in color from white to pink to red to yellow. There have even been some variations which produce green flowers. Eventually, the flowers give way to small fruits which are very seedy inside and perfect for any wildlife you have living near your yard.

While there are about as many names for the tea tree as there are different species, the Melaleuca family of trees gets the tree name from the tea oil it produces.

Aside from that, when it rains on a tree, the water running off of the leaves has a light brown color, much like the color of a common cup of tea. The tree, however, does not produce actual tea, and you should not eat or drink any of the products of this tree as they could be toxic to humans.

Alternatively, the oils from a tea tree have been recently shown to be mild antibiotics, although you should not attempt to ingest them without the consent of a health professional.

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