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For Beautiful Autumnal Landscaping Decoration, the Bradford Pear Tree is the Way to Go
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Native to China, the Bradford pear tree is a spectacular species which is surely not to disappoint any landscaper.

With so many different types of trees in the world to choose from when looking to decorate your property, the Bradford pear, also known in some parts of the world as the Callery pear tree, provides a stunning spectacle at any time of the year especially in the fall months.

Like many other flowering trees, this is a deciduous tree which can reach a maximum height of around 50 to 60 feet.

Some species of the Bradford pear tree come with thorny branches, so if you have small children make sure you purchase the tree without this defensive mechanism.

This is a classic ornamental tree which is found throughout North America in all kinds of parks and recreation areas.

The real benefit of purchasing the Bradford pear tree over other tree varieties is that it offers a natural beauty with its leaves, flowers and fruits. Like some other trees, the Bradford pear tree has oval shaped leaves which are a dark green on one side and a light green on the other giving the tree a mesmerizing feel on a windy day. Also, this pear tree produces stunning white flowers which line nearly every surface of the tree during the spring. These unique and wonderful flowers give off a strangely sweet aroma, sometimes likened to the scent of jasmine.

When the flowers have all fallen to the ground in the summer months, they will be replaced by a very interesting looking fruit. Like other ornamental trees, the Bradford pear tree does not produce fruit which is edible for humans. However, the fruit is a banquet for various species of birds, which will certainly inhabit your Bradford pear tree during the summer months.

As autumn sets in, the dark green leaves will give way to a myriad of beautiful colors which range from yellow to red to orange to even colors like pink, bronze and purple. The colors you will see are almost completely dependent on where you live and how early the first frost comes.

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