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Fruit Trees Are Both Beautiful And Profitable Landscaping Choices
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Perhaps one of the best options when piecing together your home’s landscaping is to use an abundance of fruit trees. These types of tree provide such a great basis for a good landscape by giving you the height and shade making qualities of a tree, the flowering beauty of a shrub or bush and a plentiful amount of food which is only rivaled by your neighborhood grocery store.

Now, it should be important to remember that not all fruit trees which have beautiful foliage and flowers produce fruit which is edible for humans, so do not get your hopes up about free fruits just because you see a fruit tree with spectacular looking flowers.

Also, during some months in the late spring and early summer, it can be a race between you and the birds to be the first to harvest the best fruits your tree has to offer. Oftentimes, the birds will beat you to some of your fruit tree’s stash.

One of the best choices for this type of tree is the cherry tree. It is an excellent tree due to its huge variety of different types of cherries (sweet, sour or somewhere in between) and the world renowned beauty of its flowers. Therefore, this is a perfect tree if you are only growing these trees for their flowers or their fruit or both. With the variety of cherries and the multitude of flower colors possible, these fruit trees are ones that nobody should pass up.

There is nothing more American than apple pies, and to make apple pies you have to have apple trees. While Johnny Appleseed may not have planted any of these fruit trees on your property, there is certainly nothing holding you back from enjoying the taste of freshly picked apples in your own home.

Unlike other trees which bloom in the springtime and have fruit by the summer months, an apple tree blooms in the summer time and gives fruit during the early autumn. If you mix apple fruit trees with cherry fruit trees on your property, you will have trees which are in bloom throughout the warm months, giving your home a beautiful, photographic look.

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