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The Ficus Tree Presents a Landscaper with a Great Design Variety
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Like the tea tree and the bonsai tree, there is not a single type of plant that is known worldwide as the ficus tree.

Historically, there have been two major varieties of ficus, each with its own benefits and drawbacks from a landscaping perspective. These two types include the ficus, which produces figs, also known under the classical name of Ficus benjamina or weeping fig and the ficus tree which produces rubber, also known as either the rubber tree or the Ficus elastica.

Each is an exceptionally popular plant, depending on what you want to ultimately do with it. Furthermore, the climates in which each grows should be the ultimate deciding factor over which ficus tree you decide to purchase.

The ficus known as Ficus benjamina is one of the most popular indoor or outdoor trees available. Also called the weeping fig, this tree was imported from India and has established a firm residence on certain parts of the United States. They are a great tree for people who are looking for a fast growing tree that is extremely easy to take care of. This type of ficus also provides its owner with thick foliage coverage which people have found useful for shade and privacy purposes.

If you chose to grow your ficus indoors, make sure it gets plenty of sunlight and water. However, if you live in Florida, the weeping fig is on a “do not plant list” due to their abundance, which is unfortunate given the versatility of this great tree.

An alternative to the Ficus benjamina is the ficus tree known as the rubber tree. This tree is indigenous to hot and humid climates, and will therefore grow best in the southeastern United States climate regions. Like the weeping fig variety, you can choose to grow this plant indoors if you live in a climate that is unsuitable for this ficus tree to grow.

If you wish, you can even harvest latex from the core of the rubber tree, but without the proper equipment to turn it into rubber, it is completely unnecessary. Like any other tropical tree, this ficus tree requires ample sunlight and water for it to thrive.

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