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The Mesquite Tree is a Necessity to any Desert Landscaping Style
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Those looking for a more desert setting to complement their home may be hard pressed to find the proper plants to go with it.

After all, much of the desert is predominantly sand and dirt without much plant life. Furthermore, many of the plants which you can purchase for a desert feel are cactus, making it a dangerous landscape for anyone who may have younger children around.

As an alternative to the cactus desert motif, consider purchasing a mesquite tree or two, as these plants are inherently different than the cactus which surrounds them in their natural environment.

The mesquite tree comes in two different types, one of which is a bush while the other is actually a tree and can stand up to 30 feet tall.

These desert trees are originally from the dry parts of North America, specifically on the border between the United States and Mexico. However, you can find them growing as far north as Kansas in certain, drier locations.

All mesquite tree forms are deciduous and will shed their leaves during the colder months. Provided you do not live in an area which does not get extremely cold, you will have no problem growing a mesquite tree at your home.

These plants are some of the most hearty available and are nearly impossible to kill off by accident. You can even neglect watering the mesquite tree for weeks without it dying.

If you choose to purchase a mesquite tree, it may be necessary for you to prune it on a regular basis, as the new growth branches come with long, sharp spikes which can easily penetrate human flesh. To ensure nobody punctures themselves on your plant, you may want to prune it back every week or so. Nevertheless, the spikes are easily dealt with in comparison to the multitude of thorns on a cactus.

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