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The Tiniest of Trees, the Bonsai Tree is a Zen-Like Complement to Your Indoor Furnishings
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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The bonsai tree is a popular and time consuming art form imported from Japan. It involves trimming a miniaturized tree which has been kept from growing to full size by constraining its roots in a small tray.

Years of work go into the preparation of a single bonsai tree and the time spent certainly pays off when anyone can witness such a stunning form of gardening.

Despite popular belief, there is no one single type of bonsai and nearly every type of tree can be turned into a bonsai with enough time and patience on the part of the gardener.

If you choose to purchase a bonsai, remember that they are generally very fragile and should not be treated like their full size cousins.

In growing a bonsai tree, there are two important factors. Firstly, you will have to decide on an overall aesthetically appealing shape for which to craft your bonsai tree. Technically a bonsai can be grown into nearly any shape, although some of the most popular are the upright, cascade, raft and group (forest).

After you have decided on which style suits you the best, you must engage in careful pruning of your chosen tree.

Generally, the size of the tree is constrained through the primary pruning of the crown of the bonsai and the roots, keeping it from growing any more than you want it to.

An alternative to the traditional bonsai is known as penjing. This type of tree miniaturizing was actually the first style to be created and comes to America by way of China. Like the bonsai, a penjing tree is miniaturized and styled in an aesthetically pleasing way.

On the other hand, the tree is left to grow slightly larger, as penjing trees are for display outdoors while a bonsai tree is designed for indoor display.

Also, it is common practice for a penjing tree to be part of a landscape whereas the bonsai tree is isolated in its small growing tray.

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