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The Walnut Tree is a Great Landscaping Option as Well as a Hearty Supplier of Nuts

As one of the most popular trees in North America, the walnut tree is certainly a good choice for anyone looking for a quality tree which can make anyone’s landscaping look great.

Like many other fruit and nut producing trees, all species of the these trees are completely deciduous and will lose their leaves during the winter months.

The various species of these trees range from around 30 feet tall to as much as 120 feet tall.

There are currently around twenty different species of the walnut, so there should not be a problem finding one which can grow in your climate region.

Originally discovered in Europe and Japan, there have since been a number of trees that have been deemed to have originated in North America as well. No matter where the point of origin of your tree however, it will generally grow best in a more temperate climate that has neither harsh winters nor blazingly hot summers.

The most common walnut tree is the Persian walnut, which grows well in most temperate climates and is native to the southeastern areas of Europe and southwest China.

In North America, one of the most popular varieties of the walnut tree is the Black walnut, which produces a durable wood but nearly inedible nuts (unlike the Persian walnut). If you are looking to grow walnut trees for their tasty and delicious nuts, then the Persian variation should be your first choice.

However, if you live in North America and you just wish to have a nice looking tree on your property, then consider the Black walnut tree. While both will grow well, the Black tree, being indigenous to the North American climate, will provide much less of a challenge to grow to its maximum height.

Also, if you ever decide to chop your tree down to use for wood, you will find that either the Persian or the Black variety produce excellent wood which are highly valuable.

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