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Spyware And Adware As Security Concerns In The Age Of Information
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Many have branded these times as the Age of Information, and for good reasons at that. Important data are being transmitted every second of every day, what with the accessibility provided by the many channels that the internet has made possible. And with this level of progress, business has followed suit. Today, transactions are being completed online with much fervor and more frequency.

Hence the need for better security measures for our computer terminals. After all, with all the avenues that the World Wide Web has created come more backdoors that unscrupulous folks can use to infiltrate our systems. They could rob our data, and with it, the earning potentials and inherent value of the same. This is the problem with spyware and adware.

Though they're not really malicious per se, spyware and adware are potentially dangerous elements that can leave us susceptible to the perils of information theft. Imagine how a spy, working for an enemy state and has infiltrated our Department of Homeland Security, can cripple the nation. That's the same manner by which these programs can cripple our own network systems.

Spyware and adware, as we have mentioned above, are not malicious per se. Of course, the operative words here are "per se." There are times when we consent to the inclusion of such programs to our systems, as when we request for updates for the tools we have installed in our computers, or when we request for updates from websites we frequently visit. But there are also times when these programs are seeded in our systems quite surreptitiously for purposes which are less than friendly.

Let's look at this in a more personal level. For example, you type in your credit card details for an online purchase. Spyware and adware can potentially send the numbers which you have entered to a remote terminal, and such information can be used to deplete your funds for purposes you have not consented to. Such is the evil that can be caused by these programs if they are machinated by unprincipled hands.

Many people have decided to get rid of these programs altogether. They are, after all, quite negligible in their most noblest of intentions, and the dangers they can bring about are most certainly not worth the benefits they can provide. Today, a lot of removal remedies are available on the net. Some of them are free, some of them require a token fee, but all of them are quite essential for the needs of these dangerous times.

Prudence is the better part of valor, so they say. It is best to remember this when ridding your systems of programs that can potentially become malicious.

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