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Swatting Potential Security Breaches With A Spyware Blocker
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Pardon the analogy, but spyware has become a tool for cyber terrorism.

With this device that can be used for rather malicious ends, sensitive information from your terminal or your network can be transmitted to a remote party, hence making you susceptible to security breaches that can result in some very damaging consequences. Imagine if your system is the heart of your online earning engine. Place a piece of shrapnel in the heart, and it will cease to function. This is the worst danger that such a program can bring about.

And much like any kind of warfare, the weapons evolve. Spyware, in this day and age, can be installed in your system in real time, meaning, there is no need to press any button to download and install it. And even if conventional means of seeding are used, they are done so in a very effective (unfortunately for us) and clandestine manner... before we know it, our files are infected even if we don't remember consenting to the installation of the program.

This necessitates an evolution of the tools necessary to combat such a scheme. Enter a spyware blocker. This is a safety device whose time has come. It swats that pesky malware even before it could have the chance to land on our systems, and it does this in real time as well, hence helping prevent the contracting of the problem, wittingly or unwittingly.

Before, the only way that a curative program can rid our systems of malware is by searching the same of dangerous programs that have already infected our computers. Indeed, curative programs from the days of yore were post-infection remedies, and as with other remedies that come late, there's no way of repairing the damage that has already been done.

With a spyware blocker, it's a different story. As we've mentioned, malware is deflected in real time. It's a prospective answer to the dangers of destructive programs, a security check if you will, one that would prevent the intrusion of potential security breaches into our systems.

A spyware blocker is a more specific answer to the dangers of this particular kind of malware. For those who are under the impression that a general anti-virus program would make a spyware blocker quite redundant, further consideration should be necessary. Most spywares aren't even classified as viruses; hence, they could pass through the checks provided by anti-virus programs.

A spyware blocker is a more definitive and specialized solution to the problem of spyware. In this day and age, it is an investment worth making.

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