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The Best Spyware Protection You Could Have
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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The problem of spyware is an ever-growing one, proportional to the rapid spread of this kind of malware in today's world. A lot of people have fallen victim to the ill effects of this dreaded program. More are sure to follow suit, given recent trends and the ever-changing nature of malware in general.

Basically speaking, spyware is a potentially malicious program that can steal information from your computer. Since so much importance is placed on information these days, this could be very damaging indeed. Your personal details can be transmitted to a stranger, who can use the same to perpetrate a crime. Your credit card details can also be gathered through the same method, and there is no need to expound how dangerous this could be.

There are many kinds of spyware protection available in the market today to combat this digital malady. Anti-spyware programs, spyware swatters, and the likes come in many forms, from many manufacturers. Using them is well and good, but there is a better alternative, one which won't cost you a single cent.

It's called due diligence.

Taking care of your own computer is the best spyware protection you could ever have. After all, negligence is the cause of around 92% of spyware infection. Knowing what to avoid is the best remedy against the spread of this technological disease. An ounce of prevention, as they say, is worth more than a pound of cure.

So how do you exercise due diligence as an effective spyware protection campaign?

Do not click on suspicious links, and when prompted to download something which you did not request, cancel the same. This is the most popular way by which spyware is spread.

Do not download attachments from email addresses you do not know, especially those which have been filtered out as spam. As a matter of fact, do not download attachments from even the people that you do know when these emails contain generic messages. Chances are, those people's computers have been infected by the malware, and the uncanny emails are a result of the same.

Do not click on persistent pop-ups from some websites you have encountered. If they ask you to make click on a button to make their page your homepage, refuse the same. Pop-ups can be links to the installation of spyware.

Make it a point to regularly reset your browser settings. This includes the deletion of your viewing history, your cookies, and your auto-fill up forms.

Download all necessary updates for your operating system. No need to procrastinate on this.

Spyware can be avoided if we exercise proper care. And this, dear friend, is the best spyware protection you could ever attain.

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