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Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Has your computer been running really slow, as in really, really slow when a few days ago, its processing speed was the envy of the block? Have you been receiving a lot of hate mails from people in your address book, blaming you for sending them some malicious program when you don't even remember writing them an email since five Christmases ago? Is your bank account becoming depleted when you haven't purchased anything new? Is your credit card getting maxed out when you have strived to avoid online shopping to save on some cash?

Chances are, your computer is infected with spyware. What should you do? Read on for some essential spyware help.

So, You Have Spyware. It's Not The End Of The World.

Spyware is a very dangerous program, and once installed in your computer, it can lead to a lot of unwanted consequences. But you're not completely helpless about it. Run a full scan for spyware to verify that the problem indeed exists. There are free scanning services available online, and all that is required is that you're connected to the internet. Here are a couple of very reliable services you could avail of:



Oh My God! I Have Spyware! What Should I Do? What Should I Do?

Don't panic. The first thing you should ensure is damage control. Remove the spyware programs as soon as you could. There are a variety of programs for this; some are free while some are not. Choose whatever will suit your liking.

There are ways to manually remove spyware yourself, but this is not a recommended spyware strategy. You might end up deleting a very important file for the operations of your computer, which might result in worse consequences. Make use of existing tools instead.

Then, once the malicious programs are removed, change your existing passwords. This includes emails, forum memberships, online store accounts and the likes. If you could, request new credit card numbers, as well as other identification numbers for accounts that are susceptible to theft.

Protecting Yourself Against Future Intrusions

Naturally, you would want to be spyware-free for the rest of your digital experience. To assure this, simply install any spyware detection program that would kill this malignant software in real time, that is, they'll be exterminated as soon as they attempt to penetrate your system. Neat, huh? This is the surest, most effective way to prospectively defend the stability of your system against unwanted intrusions, and this is most probably the best spyware help anyone could provide.

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