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The Pleasures In Aroma Of Chai Tea

There was a time that coffee was not just a wake up beverage anymore but is now a part of waking life Today, tea is the beverage enjoying similar attention Tea concoctions are readily available side by side with different varieties of coffee in most coffe

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Why India's tea workers are agitated

Thu, 27 Nov 2014 21:57:50 -0800

There's tension in the tea plantations of eastern India after workers recently killed the owner over a pay dispute, the BBC's Sanjoy Majumder reports.

Tetley insures taste buds of its $1.6 million 'tea tester'

Wed, 26 Nov 2014 05:35:05 -0800

Tea maker Tetley has insured one of its most valuable assets for $1.6 million - the tongue of its top tea taster.

Tea company insures blender's taste buds for $1.5M

Wed, 26 Nov 2014 07:09:21 -0800

Ben Hooper GREENFORD, England, Nov. 26 (UPI) -- British tea company Tetley revealed it took out a $1.58 million insurance policy on the taste buds of one of the company's master blenders.

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