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Electric Tea Kettle: An Image of Convenience
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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The tea kettle has come a long way from its humble origins of boiling and steeping tea. Tea lovers are delighted with the release of the electric tea kettle. Since it is a known fact that the quality of a tea is not solely based on the ingredients but also on the heat applied to it while brewing, using an electric tea kettle will help tea lovers manage the heating of water, less the fuss.

Tea drinkers can either boil or steep tea leaves to make tea. Boiling tea leaves will result to a darker brew and stronger tea taste while steeping it will result to a lighter blend. Before, tea drinkers must check on the brew from time to time to be sure that it is not overly brewed. Using an electric tea kettle, the amount of heat applied to the brew can be controlled resulting to a much better-tasting tea.

The electric tea kettle has a temperature control system and is usually manufactured in stainless steel with black plastic parts. The latest designs available also include an automatic coiling of the cord in the inside of the base. Within five minutes, the water will heat almost immediately so brewing time is much faster as compared to tea brewing a few years back.

The electric tea kettle saves brewing time to tea lovers making tea preparation more convenient than ever. Today, people have made an acquired taste for tea. This electric kettle is just another innovation brought about by the demand in the market. It will not be surprising if packaged tea concoctions similar to ready-to-brew teas will be available soon in the market. These products will be continuously in high demand among tea drinkers, most especially in coffee shops where fast service is necessary.

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