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Green Tea Weight Loss Facts
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Everyone has been looking for the magic pill when it comes to weight loss. For a short period of time, it appeared that a metabolic booster that actually worked had become available to the general public and in an affordable manner. Yes, this product was effective, but it was also dangerous. It was, of course, the now banned and illegal substance ephedra, the natural herbal version of ephedrine.

After ephedra was banned people looked for an alternative or, more accurately, a safer alternative. Most energy drinks that appeared on the weight loss landscape were loaded with marginally effective stimulants such as caffeine, guarana and yohimbe. These products were not totally ineffectual, but a much better herbal supplement has come along, as green tea weight loss drinks are now all the rage.

Now, green tea weight loss is not going to occur simply because one drinks green tea. The tea is ingested when one exercises so as to help aid the process of the metabolism increasing, as it is apt to do when one is working out. (Note: “working out” does not refer to strenuous exercise. Even something as low impact as walking will provide excellent weight loss benefits)

Green tea weight loss occurs when the body, after ingesting green tea, will metabolize more fat and, to a lesser extent, metabolize carbohydrates. Now, keep in mind, increasing green tea weight loss will not occur to a huge degree if one drinks a lot of green tea. In other words, drinking 12 cans of green tea a day will not lead to dropping 20 pounds in a few weeks. Also, green tea weight loss will not occur if one is in the habit of constantly overeating. Green tea is a supplement, an ancillary aid used in combination with a weight loss program.

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