Certain plants always grow as vines, while a few grow as vines only part of the time


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A Climbing Vine Can Make Your Home Look Beautiful While Masking Any Unsightly Areas
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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More and more people are choosing to purchase vines instead of regular potted plants for two reasons. The first is that climbing vines are much easier to grow from seeds or seedlings, as they require minimal attention, a regular watering and only small amounts of fertilizer. This is in contrast to some potted plants which require near constant care if you wish to grow them from seed.

However, both types of plants require you to prune them on occasion if you do not want them to look as if they are out of control. A second reason people purchase this vine is to cover up any parts of their home or property which may look junky or unsightly. Unlike many potted plants, this vine will grow extremely quickly and will cover nearly anything it can wrap its tendrils around. The fact that many vines retain their leaves and flowers throughout the year makes them that much better at masking unsightly areas.

There are essentially two types of climbing vine available. First, there is the flowering variety of climbing vine. These are vines like the trumpet vine, the Black Eyed Susan vine and the corkscrew vine. Each of these different plants has their own color scheme, ranging from brilliantly bright to subdued to somewhere in the middle. If you choose to purchase a trumpet vine, you will get brightly colored flowers which many hummingbirds find completely irresistible, so be prepared for avian guests in your garden.

The Black Eyed Susan is perfect for those who do not want much color in their back yard, as they generally flower in colors like white or cream, with a small black or dark brown spot in the center which gives them their name. Finally, the corkscrew vine is perfect for people who want a sweet smelling plant or those who wish to add a little elegance to their garden or their home.

You can also purchase a climbing vine that does not flower. These types of vines are predominantly used to cover portions of your home or garden, or provide a small bit of shade over a gazebo or other type of outdoor structure. Chances are you have seen an old home in a photograph or on television which was completely covered by a species of climbing vine. If you to add that look to your home, then a flowerless climbing vine is for you.

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