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An Elegant Addition to Anyone’s Yard, The Corkscrew Vine is Beautiful and Charmingly Scented
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Adding an elegance to your home or garden is not just accomplished by standard potted plants anymore. More and more people have begun to switch to the beauty offered by the variety of flowered vines offered on the market. Among these flowering vines, one of the most popular sellers is the corkscrew vine. This particular vine originated in South America and Central America, but has since been made available throughout the world. They possess flowers which give the vine its characteristic name, as the flowers look almost like corkscrews.

Other common names for the corkscrew vine include: snail vine and snail bean (since the vine also produces bean pods). Furthermore, the flowers of the corkscrew vine are wonderfully scented and are reminiscent of a hyacinth, a scent many people find attractive. Unlike other vines such as the trumpet vine, the corkscrew vine is much more conservatively colored, generally containing a mix of whites, creams and violets which goes well with any classically styled home.

Growing the corkscrew, much like any other vine, is an absolute breeze. All that is basically required is a daily dose of water and a regular dose of fertilizer. Since the vine is from Central and South America, it is used to growing in warmer, more humid temperatures; so it will do better in areas which have much warmer summers and do not get very cold during the winter. Being a hardy vine however, the corkscrew will also grow in colder climates so long as you put it in a pot and remember to bring the vine indoors during the winter months before the first frost sets in.

People living in the more tropical and warmer regions of America such as California and Florida, however, will be able to enjoy the blossoms of the corkscrew vine all year round. No matter what other types of plants you may have in your garden, the corkscrew vine is certainly a worthwhile addition thanks to its unique look and wonderful aroma.

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