Certain plants always grow as vines, while a few grow as vines only part of the time


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An Ideal Way to Spruce Up Your Backyard, A Flowering Vine Can Grow Practically Anywhere
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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The idea of purchasing a flowering vine to add some color to your back yard is certainly not a new one. In response to the high demands set on them by several of the more popular flowering plants, people have been looking to flowering vines as an easy alternative to an attractive garden.

Unlike some of the commonly grown flowering plants, a vine is much easier to grow, requiring less maintenance and usually only needing a regular watering and feeding with fertilizer. With both flowering plants and flowering vines, there is some amount of upkeep though, as any type of flowering flora you choose will require you to prune it occasionally.

Many flowering plants require pruning so the plant does not spend any extra energy maintaining dead flowers while a flowering vine requires pruning so it will not engulf any of your other nearby plants with its tendrils. In any event, as long as you give your vine some tender loving care, it will grow to be a magnificent bush, sculpted in any way you choose, with beautiful flowers adorning its every surface.

One of the most popular types of flowering vine is known as the trumpet vine. This is the characteristic vine when people think of a vine producing flowers. The trumpet shaped flowers come in a variety of colors, including red, orange and yellow and are known to attract hummingbirds thanks to their nectar rich inner surface. Easy to grow and maintain, the trumpet vine thrives in nearly any climate, does most of its growing during the summer months and begins to flower in July in most regions. For people looking for a wonderful flowering vine, the trumpet vine is almost a necessity.

If you are looking for a vine without such bright colors, however, consider the Black Eyed Susan vine. The colors of its flowers are much more muted and generally come in various shades of either white or cream. This vine gets its name from the black or dark brown spot in the middle of the flowers, which give it its characteristic look.

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