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Pruning Grape Vine Can Be a Daunting Task Even For the Most Experienced Gardeners
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Careful attention to detail and a sharp pair of pruning shears is not just for owners of bonsai trees anymore as more and more winery owners are beginning to find out. It can be a pretty foreboding scene to stare at a tangled mass of a grape vine and wonder where to begin. Luckily enough, there are two key things to remember when it comes to pruning grape vine.

Firstly, you should know that grape vines are a hearty bunch and any damage you may accidentally do to them will grow back to normal by this time next year. Also, you should not be afraid to cut off any portions of the vine which do not appear necessary when you begin pruning grape vine. Nearly all of the growth on a messy grape vine is from the previous year, and should be taken care of without a problem.

When you first receive your brand new grape vine, you should engage in pruning grape vine as soon as you plant it into the ground. A good rule to follow is to reduce the number of shoots down to one so you have much more control over the plant, allowing it to focus on growing larger all around instead of just in certain directions.

After the plant has had some time to grow, it will sprout out many new shoots again, so your job when you are pruning grape vine is to reduce those shoots down to the strongest looking one yet again, cut off the rest of the shoots, and tie your remaining shoot to a stake.

Be sure to take your time when pruning grape vine at this point, as the shoot you choose will become your permanent stem and all of the support of the vine will be resting on whatever shoot you chose. As the plant continues to grow, you will be responsible for pruning grape vine year after year to keep the plant under control from growing too wildly and invading the space of other, possibly less aggressive vines.

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