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The Kudzu Vine Has Many Useful Purposes as Long as You Prune it Regularly
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Originally from China, Japan and other parts of eastern Asia, the kudzu vine has recently gained popularity in America both purposefully and accidentally. Although the plant received acclaim in the eighteen hundreds after it was brought to America by the Japanese, it spread wildly out of control by killing off and overtaking much of the natural flora in various regions throughout the United States.

In the nineteen hundreds, Franklin Roosevelt made the mistake of having workers plant the kudzu vine throughout the southeastern United States as part of his conservation efforts as a deterrent against soil erosion. However, the Department of Agriculture noticed several years later that the kudzu vine was killing off all of the indigenous flora in the area and has since declared it a pest weed.

For those who wish to own kudzu for themselves, it is important to remember to keep tight control over the plant. It grows extremely quickly and will latch on to any objects nearby. If you ever wish to remove the plant for whatever reason, you should make sure you have completely destroyed the root system; otherwise the plant will simply resurrect itself the following year.

Despite the pest issues arising from kudzu, there are a variety of different reasons why a person would wish to grow the kudzu vine. One of the original uses of the kudzu vine was for culinary purposes, as a powder made from the kudzu roots can be used to make certain sauces sticky so they better adhere to the food. Throughout Japan, the kudzu root method of cooking is still used.

Another common use for kudzu is in the creation of alternative medicines. Various studies have concluded that powdered kudzu roots can actually be used to combat the effects of alcohol and an eminent hangover. Some people also believe that the kudzu can be used as an antibiotic, an anti-inflammatory, a cancer preventative against leukemia and for headache relief. While none of those uses have been approved; someone who believes in the practice of natural medicine should certainly have a use for a kudzu vine.

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