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Used For Wine in the Southeastern United States, Grapes from the Muscadine Vine Are Incredibly Easy to Grow and Cultivate
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Grapes used for wine are usually incredibly different from those which we purchase at the grocery store to eat straight from the vine. One example of this is the grapes from the muscadine vine. These grapes are extremely tough skinned, completely opposite from table grapes, making them near impossible to eat straight off of the muscadine vine. Since people realized they could not eat such grapes, they decided to use them to make wine instead – and they have been doing so since the sixteenth century.

This particular species of grape is found native to the southeastern United States and grow in a different pattern than other varieties of wine grapes. Unlike many other grapes used for wine which you would find growing in Napa Valley or in Europe, grapes of the muscadine vine have completely adapted to the warm, humid conditions of the southeastern United States, meaning they do not require nearly as many chilling hours as a typical grape used for wine.

Muscadine grapes come in two major varieties. The first is the standard muscadine grape which is usually a dark purple or black in color (although they are sometimes golden). Since its inception as a wine grape, this common variety of muscadine vine grape has been used in making port wines and other varieties of fine commercial wines while still maintaining its roots as a home brewer’s best choice for small winery operations.

The second major variety of muscadine grapes is known as the scuppernong. Unlike the typical grapes of the muscadine vine, scuppernong grapes are green in color and primarily found in North Carolina. While they may look like a typical white grape, they have thicker skin and are quite a bit larger. Much like the garden variety of muscadine grapes, the skin of the scuppernong is inedible so the insides of the grape must be sucked out through a small hole if you wish to eat one.

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